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Spanish Meatballs

on October 11, 2013

This is when cooking first started for me.

Notice the little toy stove in the lower right corner!

Grandma seems to be helping me with something.

I’m sure I was asking her questions about the stove.

Does it have gas or electric burners?

Does the oven work?

What kind of pans are these?

Can I bake something right now?

Can I bake a pie?

me and grandma and little stove

Yep – here’s where it all started.

Here’s where I realized that I could make food.

Comfort food.

That’s what today’s recipe is all about.

Last Sunday night two of my children decided they wanted to learn how to make these.

(There are times when I like having someone else cook.

Sunday night is usually when this happens – what a coincidence!)

Spanish Meatballs

Spanish Meatballs 2

These meatballs are the epitome of comfort food.

They aren’t spicy – just use tomato soup – so I’m not sure why the name is Spanish Meatballs.

The recipe card is written in my mom’s handwriting so I think she was the one who found it originally.

Here is the recipe as I (they) made it:

Spanish Meatballs

Mix together for meatballs:

1 pound of ground beef

1/4 pound of cheese (I use cubed Velveeta)

6 crushed saltine crackers

1 egg, beaten

salt and pepper to taste

Roll in flour and brown in frying pan.

Make gravy of drippings (take off some grease if too much), chopped onion (1 small), and 1 can of tomato soup.

Put meatballs into casserole.

Pour gravy over top.

Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.


The cheese melts while you’re browning the meatballs.

That’s what makes them so good!


This is the gravy – let it cook in there for a few minutes and get a darker color.


Pouring the gravy over the top of the meatballs.


Hot out of the oven.


I highly recommend that you try these meatballs.

On a Sunday night.

Total comfort food.

2 responses to “Spanish Meatballs

  1. Meg says:

    These are one of my absolute FAVORITE comfort foods! Such a cute pic of you and GG! 🙂

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