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Creamed Peas on Toast

on October 16, 2013

It’s been rainy here this week so today’s recipe is another one on the family’s comfort food list.

Creamed Peas on Toast is one of those handed down for generations.


I once read that this was a popular depression era recipe so I’m sure that’s when Grandma started making it.

My mom made this for my sister and I when we were growing up (we were only allowed to have it when my dad wasn’t home, as he did NOT like it).

I made it for my kids and they still ask for it now when they’re in their 20’s.

We just love it because it tastes good, but it’s also great when your budget is gone and you still need to feed a family.

There is no recipe card for this – my kids HATE it when I say that – they need it all written down step by step.

I had my son help me make it so he’ll know how when he’s out on his own.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Creamed Peas on Toast

Heat a can of peas to boiling(I’ve seen it done with frozen peas but as far as I’m concerned, that looked WAAAAYYY too colorful).

Pour out about half of the pea “juice”.

Put two heaping teaspoons of flour into a container with a lid and add about 1/2 cup milk.


Add this mixture to boiling peas and cook until thick.

Add a splash more milk if it’s too thick, depending on your own preference.

(We found out that I like it a bit thinner than my son does – soaks into the toast better.)

Meanwhile, make toast and butter the toast – or not – again, your preference – and put it on a plate large enough to hold toast and peas.

Top the toast with the creamed peas.

Salt and pepper to taste.


It does thicken quickly once you add the flour/milk mixture.


I’m sure we used to use white bread, but not anymore.


I like it with plenty of “cream”.



You’ll feel SO comforted!

5 responses to “Creamed Peas on Toast

  1. Uncle Paul says:

    I think you dad thought this was toooooo much like the Military meal of S O S !!

  2. Yep – that’s what I remember! Ha!

  3. Amy says:

    I remember having this when I was a kid. My dad didn’t like it either, so it was a special treat I had with my mom when he wouldn’t be home for supper 🙂 I still love it, we made ours a bit different, but same general idea.

  4. Thanks for sharing that memory with us! It’s definite comfort food in our family! 🙂

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