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Chocolate Rice Krispie Cookies – Part Two

on November 1, 2013

Today is Part Two of Wednesday’s post on Chocolate Rice Krispies Cookies.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to make these cute pedestals.

They’re so easy to do, are really cheap to make, and are great for showing off your holiday baking.


I started out with a plate bought at Goodwill for $.49 and a glass that is one of 12 my husband bought for $1.00 at a church sale in his hometown.


I use E-6000 glue which holds glass very well.

I have used hot glue in the past and that works well if you want to be able to take it apart later – it’s not so permanent.


Turn the glass upside down – this will be the base.

Spread the glue around the edge of the bottom of the glass.


Put the plate – right side up – on top of the bottom of the glass.

Be sure and try to get it in the center.

Let the pedestal dry several hours or overnight.


There you have it!

A pretty little pedestal for holding treats that costs under a dollar (in this case).


I even did this for my son’s college senior voice recital.

I used old record albums which cost me $.49 each at Goodwill and glued them to bases of glass bowls which I also got at Goodwill and totaled about $2.00.

I needed a wider base because they held cupcakes and I didn’t want them tipping over during the reception.


You can make several in varying sizes and make an even more impressive display.

So there you have it – easy, cheap, pretty pedestals to display your holiday baking.

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6 responses to “Chocolate Rice Krispie Cookies – Part Two

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