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Hot Chocolate Mix

on December 4, 2013

I love winter!

While I was growing up, our family had a lot of fun outside in the winter: skiing, skating, snowmobiling.

This is a picture of me having fun outside in the winter at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm with their dog, Sport, who is obviously protecting me from anyone who would try to steal that pinwheel!

me and sport on snowbank

I’m 5 years old in this picture and I could have used some of this hot chocolate!!

This recipe is not from Grandma.

It’s a very old  recipe – it comes from my seventh grade Home Economics class! Ha!

My teacher for that class gave me a lot of recipes that I still use today.

I don’t have the original recipe card so I’ll just type it out.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Hot Chocolate Mix

1 8 quart box of powdered milk

1 6 ounce jar or non-dairy creamer

1 pound box of instant chocolate (not unsweetened cocoa)

1/2 cup powdered sugar

Mix all together and store in a large container.

Place 1/3 cup of mix in a large cup or mug.

Add boiling water, stir and drink.


I measure all the ingredients into a large container and shake it until it’s well mixed.


Put 1/3 cup of mix into a cup, fill with boiling water, stir and that’s it!


Marshmallows or whipped cream are great for adding even more creaminess.

My sister’s family makes this with hot milk instead of boiling water and that’s really good, too.


Our family goes through a lot of this mix every winter.


It makes a great holiday gift packaged with a mug and some marshmallows or candy canes.

Don’t forget the instructions!


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