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10 Minute Tomato Soup

on January 6, 2014

Today’s recipe is for all of us in the midst of this arctic blast.

Since a lot of the cold records for the last couple of weeks were in the 70s, I get to tell my kids that this is nothing compared to the snow and cold of when WE were children.

So we need some soup.

We’ve been jumping our cars,

struggling to get in and out of multiple layers of woolen clothing,

putting on hand lotion by the gallon,

trying to get the ice on our sidewalks, driveways and front porches to thaw,

filling up our humidifiers nonstop,

making sure our furnaces keep working,

and we’re worn out from this cold weather.

We need some soup.

Comfort food type soup.

10 Minute Tomato Soup to be exact.

This recipe is another of those quick and easy ones.

I mean REALLY quick and easy.

REALLY quick.

There’s no way it even took me 10 minutes to make this.

And for some reason, it reminded me of something from childhood.

I’m not sure what – I cant remember Grandma making this soup – so maybe it’s just the aroma of warm milk and butter that brings back those warm memories.

I’m all for anything warm these days – memories or soup or both.

10 Minute Tomato Soup

Here is the recipe as I made it:

10 Minute Tomato Soup

2 cups crushed tomatoes (I had a 20 ounce can of diced tomatoes on hand, so that’s what I used and it measured about 3 cups so I made about a batch and a half)

2 cups milk

2 Tablespoons butter

1/2 teaspoon baking soda (apparently this helps reduce the acidity of the tomatoes and it will make the soup bubble up a bit when you add it)

Heat the tomatoes to boiling.

Remove from heat and add remaining ingredients.

Return to heat and cook on medium until butter is melted and soup is heated through.


You can kind of see how foamy the baking soda makes the soup.


Add a salad and some whole grain bread and it’s a very quick meal.


I think you could add more frozen vegetables if you wanted to.

My husband suggested some tiny shrimp.

You could even use an immersion blender to make it smooth.

Another quick and easy and very inexpensive meal that’s quick and easy and warm and delicious.

Stay warm everyone!

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