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Crazy Cake

on March 28, 2014

Today’s recipe is one of those retro oddities that sounds a little weird.

Again, this is probably one of those recipes from the Great Depression when they didn’t have a lot.

This Crazy Cake doesn’t have any eggs, butter, or milk in it.

I do remember that we used this recipe a lot in the 70’s.

We did a lot of weird things back then, like when we had what was called a “Hard Times” party (this also probably referenced the Great Depression).

You dressed up in costume like you were down on your luck, and when it came time for dinner you’d get a menu that had jokes that represented the food.

You had to guess what the items were in hopes of getting ACTUAL food.

You might get a fork, a glass of water, and piece of bread for one course.

For the next course you might get a hot dog, a plate, and a sugar cube.

You might get food and no silverware to eat it with.

I was usually in the kitchen helping put the meals together and figuring out who got what.

Weird but fun.

Crazy Cake

This cake is a little weird but really GOOD!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Crazy Cake

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour

3 Tablespoons cocoa

1 cup white sugar

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon vinegar

1 teaspoon vanilla

5 teaspoons oil (it says on the card 1/2 c. + 2 T., but that doesn’t make sense since that would be more than 1/2 cup and 5 teaspoons is less than 1/4 cup – I used 5 t. canola oil)

1 cup water

Sift first 5 ingredients into buttered 8″ x 8″ square pan.

(It didn’t say to do this, but I mixed those ingredients together in the pan first, then made 3 holes in those dry ingredients.)

Pour vinegar into one hole, vanilla into another hole, and the oil into the 3rd hole.

Pour water over all.

Mix well until smooth.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.


So weird to put things into the pan and THEN mix them together.

Here’s what it looked like after making the holes and putting the liquid in.


The cake comes out of the oven looking like any other cake.


It’s a very moist and tasty cake just right for after dinner dessert.

I didn’t put frosting on this one, just whipped cream and some ice cream toppings I had in the frig.


Surprisingly delicious for just something where you throw all the ingredients into a pan and mix it up.

So weird.

So tasty.

So GOOD!!!





One response to “Crazy Cake

  1. mom says:

    Oh yum – I do remember going to one of those parties and then having one – fun!

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