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Hollyhock Dolls

on July 9, 2014

I just had to do something a little bit different for the post today. Because of all the rain we’ve had this summer, my hollyhocks are dazzling. They don’t always do so great, but this year they’re just wonderful. When I was looking at them the other day, I remembered that both of my grandmas had them growing in their gardens, too. Hollyhocks are an old-time flower that used to grow along the sides of houses, around the edges of gardens, and even around the outside of barns or other buildings and for some reason, you don’t see them so much anymore. They grow to about six feet tall with beautiful papery blooms that work their way up the stalk. Both of my grandmas taught me how to make these Hollyhock Dolls when I was a very little girl and I’m sure that they made them when they were little, too!


My hollyhocks are growing on the south wall of our house, just outside our front door.


They are so beautiful right now!


I just love their papery blooms.

Here are the dolls as I made them:

Hollyhock Dolls


Pick one full bloom and one spent bloom from your hollyhock stalk. The spent bloom will be the head but you can also use a bud for a smaller head with less hair. Leave a bit of a stem on the full bloom for a neck.


Pull off all of the green leaves from the end of the spent bloom or bud.


Slip the stem of the full bloom into one of the holes near the end of the spent bloom,depending on what you want the eyes to look like.


There she is!!! Just like that – a doll with a beautiful flowing skirt and that face that seems to be looking right at you!

This was always so amazing to me as a child!

Apparently it still is!!! 🙂


They really do look like fairies in their full skirt and pulled back hair. This is another great memory of my grandmas for me. I taught it to my kids and I hope that they’ll teach their kids. Either that or their kids will just have to come to me and I will teach them! You need to find a kid or grandkid and rediscover one of these simple joys that doesn’t involve technology. They’ll love it and so will you!

Did you learn how to make these dolls when you were little?

I’d love to hear your memories of making these little fairies!





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