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Overnight Rye Bread – Baking Bread – the Odyssey: #1

on September 24, 2014

I know that I’ve mentioned in a past post that Grandma didn’t have a lot of bread recipes left in her recipe box, because they used to have to bake all of the bread for the family every week and I’m sure she was tired of baking bread. My godmother donated a lot of flour to me recently, and I’ll be sharing some new bread recipes (new to me) so I can use this flour in ways that we can all benefit from. She mentioned trying to make the good, whole grain bread we had on our Sweden/Norway trip, so thus, the odyssey.


Here’s a photo from that little trip of a lifetime to Sweden and Norway that I took with my mom, my sister, and my godmother. I may have to take seriously the fact that the only place to find a recipe for that good bread is there. My odyssey may just take me back there. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. (FYI – this trip should be on EVERYONE’S bucket list! It was absolutely amazing!) I’d LOVE to find a recipe for that bread and I’ll also try any other recipes that sound good along the way.

Today we’re going to look back at a couple of bread recipes I’ve posted in the past, in the first installment of “Baking Bread – the Odyssey”.

The first and most important recipe is one of my family’s favorite home-made breads. Overnight Rye Bread is a recipe that Grandma is famous for (in our family, anyway). This bread is best made into cheese sandwiches using Velveeta. Seriously.


Overnight Rye Bread

The second bread that I want to share with you is the recipe that my mom is famous for (also in our family). It’s just called Buns. My sister and I were raised on these buns. There was a time when I think my mom was making a batch of these once a week. This was the time of year when my dad did a lot of hunting and she would send caramel rolls with him, made from this bun recipe. These are best warm with butter, but also with peanut butter, or cheese and bologna! Ha! Ah, childhood.



The final recipe for today is one that I posted recently for Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread. I found this one online a couple of years ago and we really like it. It’s an easy recipe that only makes one loaf. This bread is good any way you eat it, but it’s really good toasted with jam or served with soup for a Sunday supper.


Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread

I hope you’ll join me on my odyssey to find a good bread recipes. I’ll be posting more of the recipes I find during my odyssey from time to time. Who knows when they’ll pop up.


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