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Bouquet of the Month for October

on October 1, 2014

It’s that time again, time for the Bouquet of the Month for October. Things are definitely slowing down in my gardens now, with only a few kinds of flowers left: Purple Dragon Flowers, a few small Zinnias, and some Sedum. I had to purchase the flowers for this bouquet. I’m putting them in my favorite vase for this time of year – a pumpkin!!! The first time I saw this done was for my confirmation in October of 1976. My mom bought flowers for the table and it was a bouquet in a pumpkin.


You can see it here on the left of this photo. It looks like I was ready to put my face into the cake! Something must have been hilariously funny, but then again, that’s just the way I was back then! EVERYTHING was hilariously funny! My family has been using this great pumpkin vase trick ever since and we use it a lot.


The flowers I bought for this bouquet were varied and unusual.


This pumpkin was called a pie pumpkin. I think they just call it that when they’re small – I think you can technically make a pie with any pumpkin. It will only last a few days without molding, but maybe if you keep it cool and/or use a bleach solution, you can keep it a week or so. You can find some ways to try to keep it fresh longer here.


There were sunflowers, mini carnations, eucalyptus, wheat, cattail, and this weird little green flower with the orange fuzzy part sticking out. I have no idea what it is, but it’s cute!


This bouquet even came with these pretty, tiny red peppers. The only other flowers I bought to supplement the original bouquet were the mini carnations. Everything else came in one bunch. Including the pumpkin, I still spent under $20. I did have enough mini carnations left for an extra bouquet, even after packing the pumpkin full. There was enough to divide it up into smaller bouquets, but this time I wanted a full pumpkin.


I had to put the pumpkin out in Grandpa’s old wheel barrow for a few shots.


I love fall and the colors of this bouquet are a big reason why. Take advantage of the colors and make your own beautiful October bouquet.

UPDATE: I meant to explain how I get the flowers to stay so nice in the pumpkin. I first find a container that will fit into the pumpkin. Then I trace around it, cut out the hole, and clean out the pumpkin. I put some foam oasis into the container and fill it with water. Next, I put the container into the hole in the pumpkin and start the flower arranging. The flower stems are stuck into the oasis in the configuration I like, covering all the oasis and edges of the container. Make sure to keep the container full of water so the bouquet will stay beautiful as long as possible!



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