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Knit Pumpkins

on October 20, 2014

We’re exploring a craft project today! I saw this pattern on Pinterest, and I just had to try it. It comes from the blog, The Sitting Tree, and you can find the original pattern here. These are knit on 4 needles, somewhat like the Norwegian snowflake mittens I’m famous for (more on that at a later date). I’m not going to post the pattern here, so if you want to make these adorable Jack Be Little Pumpkins, you’ll have to go to and check out the pattern yourself. Crafts have always been a big part of my life. Both of my grandmas helped me in my crafting. The grandma who babysat me when I was little always had me doing coloring, drawing, cutting, and pasting. Even though they lived in town, they were subscribers to The Farm Journal Magazine, and every month there was a craft project in there that we would do. The other grandma who lived on the farm had me do crafts when I would go out there to visit. I’m sure it was something to keep me busy while they were working on their chores. They both helped teach me how to knit, and my very first project was a scarf that I knit for my grandpa for Christmas. I still have it! Holidays are such a great excuse to craft, and these pumpkins are the perfect decoration for October thru Thanksgiving. They’re simple and fast to make, too!

Here are the pumpkins as I made them:

Knit Pumpkins


On The Sitting Tree blog, she also knit the stem, but I used a piece of a real branch for the stem (just snipped with my clippers), some green wire wrapped around a pen for the vines, and I cut the leaf (patterns for pumpkin leaves can be found online) out of felt. They were all glued on with my favorite glue, E6000.


I found that using different size needles and different kinds of yarn can change the size and texture of the pumpkin.


After stitching around the top of the stuffed pumpkin and pulling it tight, you can also change the shape of the pumpkin by how tight you pull it. Pulling it tighter makes a flatter pumpkin and leaving it more loose makes the pumpkin more round.


These little pumpkins are just so cute! They are a natural and non-commercial decoration that will last more than just one year. This is a fast and easy craft so perfect for the fall and I’ve already made so many of these to give away to family and friends. A set of two or three of these of different shapes and sizes would also make a great hostess gift for this time of year!


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