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Norwegian Mittens

on November 21, 2014

I’m kind of a big deal . . . when it comes to these Norwegian Mittens, anyway. Ha! I’ve been making these since I was in college and a girl I knew showed me how to make them. I still have some of the originals I made back then. They end up being double thick, so they’re VERY warm and if made with acrylic yarn, they’re VERY durable. Grandma had a couple of pair of these mittens that she liked to show off to anyone who would listen! 🙂 I’ve made hundreds of these over the years. Everyone in our family and extended family has a pair – some have more than one pair. I’ve made them for sports teams, for coaches, for teachers, for my kids’ college roommates, for friends, for fundraisers, for charity, and for gifts.

Both of my grandmas helped me in my quest to learn how to knit. My sister and I would go to the other Grandma and Gramp’s house on Monday nights when the stores in our hometown were open late and both parents had to work. She helped me learn how to knit when I was at her house and it gave me something to do. My first full project was an aqua and black striped scarf that I knit for my Gramp for Christmas. After he passed away, Grandma gave it back to me and I still have it!

002 (2)

Both grandmas helped teach me to knit, but didn’t do a lot of knitting themselves. They were both more in the crochet camp.

This picture is of Grandma answering a knitting question for me.

What was I wearing ? Oh yeah, it was the 70’s.

What was SHE wearing? Oh yeah, it was the 70’s.

My sister was interested at the moment – and that was about the extent of her interest in knitting.


Here are the mittens as I made them:

Norwegian Mittens

I’m not going to put the whole pattern on here. I just wanted to share the mittens with you. Maybe I’ll try to give a YouTube lesson about making these someday. Go ahead and try knitting. It’s a very relaxing hobby. Sometimes I think it almost feels like meditating. You can find free patterns online and you can get tutoring on any stitch or technique on YouTube. These mittens are knit on 4 needles and it’s a bit complicated until you get the hang of it. It’s really not that hard to do. I don’t do acrylic yarn much anymore because wool and wool blends are much softer and easier to work with, so I use those almost exclusively now. It used to take me a week or so to do a pair, but after so many years of doing this same pattern, I can now do a pair in two days (that’s if I do nothing but knit).


These are some of the 9 pair that I’ve already done this fall (still all available). You can see that there’s an endless variety of color combinations to choose from, and believe me, I’ve done some doozies. I once made some for a Phoenix Suns fan and the colors were bright orange and bright purple. I almost went blind using those colors!


You can see the front and back of the mittens here.


This is a detail of the thumb and palm.


This is a detail of the snowflake or rose on the back of the hand.


They’re even kind of pretty inside out. You can see how the yarn is doubled on the inside. That’s why they’re so warm!


This pair is made from a washable wool blend. I like that you can just throw them into the washer and dryer. When made from wool, you have to be a bit more careful of shrinkage.


I have done some other knitting projects over the years – I’m definitely no expert – but these mittens have kind of become my specialty. They’re fun to do and they really do keep your fingers nice and toasty! We need that here in Minnesota!







4 responses to “Norwegian Mittens

  1. mom says:

    I have worn mine several times since we got “winter” – they are soooo warm! Love them…………..

  2. Jen says:

    Wow impressive! Those look cozy!

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