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Bouquet of the Month for December

on December 1, 2014

The Bouquet of the Month for December is going to, again, be a little bit different. I’m decorating a pot for outside the kitchen door that looks out on our deck. Why not look out at a pretty arrangement sprinkled with snow!

My birthday is December 1 and it’s been tradition my whole life that we get our Christmas tree on my birthday. The nursery where we got our tree every year growing up, had a HUGE stone fireplace and it always smelled so good with the wood smoke drifting out of that big stone chimney! It had strings of big glowing Christmas lights beckoning in the throngs of tree buyers. They sold citrus baskets, nut baskets, and those glorious and wonderfully scented pine Christmas trees. Oh my gosh, how I loved the smell of that place and looked forward to going there every Christmas. It was a true Christmas Experience. One year, when I was 9 years old, we had a big snowfall in time to ride our snowmobiles the 12 mile round trip to get our Christmas tree. We had a big trailer type sled that we kids rode in and had another sled to drag our tree home. It was so much fun riding home through the dark with the snowflakes falling all around us – what a great family memory!

We usually have extra branches cut off from the bottom of our Christmas tree, and I use them in my pot decorating. I sometimes have extra branches we get free from where we purchase our tree, too, if we ask nicely! It helps to get branches of various textures and colors. Another way to keep it cheaper is to use branches from your own yard. I do this every year and if you use greenery and natural things, it will last until spring. You can buy these ready made and spend upwards of a hundred dollars, or you can do it the economical way and make them yourself, like I do.

I like to have a spark of color, usually red, in the pots. I’ve tried everything from real berries (which get mushy and turn brown if we get really cold weather and then it turns warm) to fake berries (the red plastic coating cracked and fell off when it got too cold) to buying branches with plastic glitter on them (way too expensive and didn’t last). This year I’m trying some plastic ornaments put onto branches stuck into the pots, so we’ll see what happens. I’m hoping the plastic won’t crack on these. It will be a success if they last just through the month of December. You could put lights on the branches, add a bow, or anything else you want. Be creative!


I just use the pots that I have flowers in during the summer and the ornaments are stuck on branches cut from the trees in our yard after trimming this fall.


You can see that one of the branches here is a piece from a flocked tree.


I also used boxwood in this pot. The total cost to do 4 pots (which is what I’ll end up with for around my house) is $8 for the boxwood and $5 for the box of 15 red ornaments. I used branches cut from the bottom of our tree, extra roping cut from garland going around our garage door, and extra branches from the store where we bought our tree, so they were free. $13 for 4 pots is pretty economical decorating!


We’ve already had some snow, and soon the pot will be draped in a blanket of white. It’s nice to have this beautiful arrangement outside the door where we can see it!



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