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Red Hot Applesauce Salad

on May 12, 2015

The Mother’s Day fun continues!  This is Katie writing, one of Carla’s daughters.  As a Mother’s Day gift, I thought I’d give her a day off from blogging and do a guest post.  The recipe I tackled?  Red Hot Applesauce Salad.

photo (7)

Because who ever saw these ingredients and DIDN’T want to combine them…?

Here’s the recipe card.

Red  Hot Applesauce Salad

You should know that over the years, I’ve called my mom during any food preparation panic.  Anytime a direction is unclear, call Mom.  Anytime it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to, call Mom.  So this card, with its typical vagueness (as Mom puts it: we’re just supposed to know this stuff) made me nervous.  But I was determined to bring something edible to Mother’s Day, so I persevered.  Here’s the recipe as I made it.


First, I dumped the two packets of jello into a pot.  Mmm, lemony goodness.  Then I put water in the tea kettle to boil.  Once it boiled, I measured out 2 ½ cups and poured it over the jello.  I mixed until it was dissolved, and then it was RED HOT TIME.

photo 2

That’s the glamour shot.

In went the Red Hots.  At this point, I did not believe I was creating something edible.  Check out this pic.

photo 4

Although under normal circumstances, I’d have called Mom for reassurance that indeed, it would turn into food, I resisted.  I turned on the burner to continue dissolving the Red Hots.  Again, I was concerned about the congealed mass of Red Hots forming on my whisk, but carried on and it eventually turned into a smooth, hot pink liquid.

photo 7

At this point I let it cool a bit, then added the applesauce and lemon juice.  The recipe called for a “dab” of salt, but I went with the more traditional “pinch” of salt instead.

photo 3

Once combined, I poured it into a lovely Pyrex vessel (a Christmas gift from Mom, no less) and put it in the fridge to set.

photo 8

Once it was set, it was time for the topping.  It called for 2 tablespoons of cream, which didn’t seem like enough to me, so I doubled the topping.  (Sacrilege, I know!) I whipped the cream until it formed soft peaks, then added the cream cheese and mayo.  Here’s the finished product.  (I probably could have left the topping proportions as they were – I should’ve trusted the master.)

photo 10

Now comes the real test of the recipe – I’m bringing it to Mother’s Day to have as a part of an afternoon tea.  We’ll see if Mom thinks it’s a winner.

Six hours later…


The verdict?  Surprisingly delicious!  (And better than it looks in that photo above…)  It was unanimously enjoyed.  Who knew that Red Hots’ true calling wasn’t gingerbread man-related?

Without getting too mushy, I’ll finish this post by saying that I could not have asked for a better mom.  She’s amazingly cool and smart and hilarious and while it pains me to say this, she’s also pretty much right about everything. 🙂  Love you, Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!

One response to “Red Hot Applesauce Salad

  1. mom says:

    Good job Katie, looks delicious!!!!!

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