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on May 19, 2015

It’s the time of year when the spring flowers are so abundant! So abundant that I sometimes have more than one kind blooming at once. That’s what happened last year. We had such a rainy spring that it was a banner year for all of the flowers. They all bloomed at once, and I’m so glad I took photos of them so I could share them this year. You might remember how gorgeous our flowering crab was last year (you can read about it here). Unfortunately this year was not a banner year for the flowering crab tree or the lilacs. We didn’t have a lot of moisture from last July until now (we’ve finally gotten some rain recently), and the lilacs have suffered this year and are already done blooming. Since they suffered so this year, I’m sharing some photos that I took of the lilacs last year.


They were just gorgeous and very abundant!


I found this footed milk glass compote in my favorite antique store a couple of years ago for $8. It’s just perfect for this arrangement, so I filled it as full as I possibly could!


Lilacs bring back such wonderful memories of both of my grandmas. They both had lilacs growing in their yards (my grandma who lived in town had lilacs in a row behind her garden and my grandma who lived on the farm had a huge hedge of lilacs on the north side of the house), and let me just say, I took advantage!!! I couldn’t wait for spring when they would bloom. I remember going out to pick lilacs when the spring air was still cool and crisp. One grandma had lilacs in a row behind their garden and the other grandma had a huge hedge of lilac bushes on the north side of the house. I would pick lilacs for them to have in their houses and I would bring home HUGE armfuls of lilacs to have in every room of our house – even right next to my bed so I could fall asleep smelling that heavenly scent.


I love that they’re full of individual tiny flowers in every hue of purple.


It’s too bad that they can’t bloom all summer long. They just don’t last long enough. They’re gone too soon and then we have to wait until the next year to enjoy them again.


The lilac bushes in our yard came from a friend of my husband who lives in St. Paul in an old, old house, so I don’t know exactly what variety they are, but it’s got to be a very old one. He had a lot of shoots coming up around his bushes and he dug some up and brought them for us when we first moved into our house. Those bushes have been making me happy every spring for 25 years.


I love lilacs. I wish they were this prolific every year. I’ll just have to enjoy these photos and hope for more rain next spring!


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