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Angel Food Cake

on July 3, 2015

The recipe for today is from my other grandma. This is a photo of her when she was young, and had to be sometime in the 1920’2 or 1930’s, I think. It says “statue” on the front and “Mpls” on the back, so maybe she was visiting relatives living in the Minneapolis area.

61 in Mpls

I love her satiny dress and pretty shoes! She was a diabetic, so she made Angel Food Cake a lot in her later years. It’s low-fat, low sugar, and still so delicious. This cake reminds me so much of summer. It seemed like grandma would make this every time we were at their house for dinner in the summer. Grandma was my babysitter when I was really little. We lived in an upstairs apartment in a house right next door to Grandma and Gramp. She would pick me up every day and carry me next door to their house and I’d spend the day with them. It was so convenient for my parents and I got to stay in the neighborhood and play with my friends and play in the park that was right across the street from our houses. (I was obsessed with the monkey bars, and, I might add, I was quite the whiz on those monkey bars. There are home movies to prove it!) Summertime holds a lot of memories of those grandparents and their house: them sitting in their lawn chairs in the front yard watching cars go by, Grandma’s lemonade made from scratch, picking vegetables from their garden (Gramp eating green onions and radishes with salt), running through the sprinkler in their backyard (it was one that would spin and it always knocked into my ankles!!), collecting bugs, eating watermelon, going down into their dark, damp, cool basement to get away from the heat, and one especially frightening evening when we had to go in their basement, sit on top of their chest freezer and listen to the radio warning us of a tornado heading our way (it never touched down). I could go on and on.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Angel Food Cake

There is no recipe card and there really isn’t a recipe – just follow the directions on the box mix. You could make your angel food cake from scratch, but a mix is so easy, that’s what I used.


All you do to the mix is add water. Mix it up, put it in the angel food cake pan, and I always take a table knife and run it through the batter to try to get rid of any bubbles in there.


It comes out of the oven toasty brown and fragrant! There’s nothing like the vanilla-y aroma of an angel food cake baking. Wow.


You need to cool the cake upside down. Find a bottle or something to cool it on BEFORE you take it out of the oven. It has to fit in the hole in the middle of the pan so the pan can sit on it. I guess it stays nice and light and airy when cooled that way.


Start by running a knife along the outside of the pan and pull the inside part out. Then run the knife along the inner tube and on the bottom between the cake and the pan. Then flip the cake upside down onto your serving plate.


You can eat it plain, but you can also put whatever toppings you want on it. Berries and whipped cream are always good, but you can also use chocolate sauce, pudding, jam, etc.


I just love this cake! The brown, crispier bits are the best part!


If you’ve forgotten about this old-fashioned cake, give it a try. There’s no easier or tastier way to celebrate summer!



4 responses to “Angel Food Cake

  1. Garance says:

    Wow they sure sound like some fun memories! The cake looks delicious, well done 😋

  2. […] favorite way to use this sauce is to pour it over Homemade Ice Cream, but you could also use it on Angel Food Cake or Clara’s “Goofy” Pound Cake. It’s great on any dessert, and you’re […]

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