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on August 4, 2015

This has been a banner year for Hydrangea. We’ve had a lovely, cool, somewhat rainy summer (until the last couple of weeks – it’s been warm and humid!) and everywhere you look here in Minnesota, the hydrangea are drooping practically to the ground with their huge flowery heads. I just had to share mine – they’re so beautiful this year! I got my original plant from my mom’s bush at the house on the lake where I grew up, so I think it may be a pretty old variety. It has almost taken over half of the front garden of our house on the northwest corner and moved around the corner to the north side.


This is the northwest corner of our front garden.


This is that bush turning the corner to the north side of our house. That’s ok because it’s kind of hiding the gas meter.


I love these big heads of tiny flowers.


They start out white and then turn a lovely green.


Last year I had to dig some out – they were heading out into the front yard – and I put a bit on the northeast corner of the house where we needed a “little something”. This bush has been growing here for about one year. It looks good, but it’s not so big.


Two years ago we put a little bit on the back of our garage and now look!!! The bush is HUGE! The heads are almost resting on the ground because they’re so big!!! I think they’ve gotten watered a lot – they’re right next to the rain barrel (you can almost see it there on the garage corner).


You can see how huge they are – they’re the size of a dinner plate!


I love these prolific growers!


I even love the ones that have these tiny, lacy parts on them (even if they aren’t supposed to be there).


Hydrangea grow fast and grow so beautifully and bloom most of the summer. They make a great bouquet and if you hang them upside down, they’ll dry so you can use them in dried arrangements all winter.



6 responses to “Hydrangea

  1. taphian says:

    I love hydrangea, too and have a lot in my garden. I planted something like an U-shaped wall to sit in the garden. The hydrangea have many colors. We also have one with oak-leaves and some other kinds.

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  3. […] My hydrangea got hit by hail and cool weather early in the season and are NOT up to last year’s standards. […]

  4. […] Hydrangea didn’t get to the size of a dinner plate like they did last year, but there will be enough of them to dry for an […]

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