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Hydrangea Wreath

on October 7, 2015

Earlier this summer I posted about my hydrangea bushes and how the weather this summer had made them grow huge blossoms. You can read about them in my post called Hydrangea. I decided that after years of having these beautiful bushes with their beautiful blossoms, now is the time to make a Hydrangea Wreath from said blossoms. There were so many blooms on the bushes this year. I picked two big bunches of the flowers and hung them upside down in our garage for a week to dry.


After gathering my supplies and giving it a try, I realized that I might have done something wrong. I couldn’t get the blossoms to stay wired onto the wire wreath frame, plus they were really brittle. So . . . onto the internet! When I started looking, the first option that popped up was a video from Martha Stewart. I did do something wrong. I wasn’t supposed to dry them. Of course, the flowers they were working with in the video have stems about 4 times the size of mine. The stems on mine are very skinny.


Oh well, back out to the bushes I go to cut more blossoms. I actually totally depleted the bushes and picked almost ALL of the flowers.


I did what the video said to do, attached the wire onto the frame with a paddle of wire and started wrapping it around the blossoms. The video said to wrap small bunches of blossoms together, but these are so big, I just used the single huge flowers (I really didn’t know if I’d have enough to wire bunches together). The fresh-cut blossoms held much better. This was also the only kind of wire wreath frame I could find – on the video they used one that was a bit narrower.


I just continued wrapping the wire around the blossoms until I had gone all the way around the wreath frame. At the end, I made a wire loop to hang the wreath with.


Here’s the finished product!! After I held it up, I had to add some small blossoms in a few places to even it out a bit. Once it was on the wall, I also had to put some small blossoms around the visible edges because I could see the wire frame from the steps. I really love how it looks. So what if it has a couple of wonky places? You can tell that it wasn’t made by a florist – it was made by the person who actually grew the flowers – me!


The wreath went up in our entry, over the steps to go downstairs. The video said that the color fades if put in a place with a lot of direct sun, so I didn’t want to put it in our living room which gets a lot of sun in the morning.


Here’s what I did with the dried flowers. They totally filled the basket. Another option (according to the video) is to hot glue the dried blossoms to a straw wreath. I may try that another year, or even later this year. I’m just glad there are options.


They look great in my old wicker picnic basket. This will go up on top of the bookshelf in the living room.


There were just enough flowers left to make a very small wreath.



It can go on the wall, or it can function as a candle wreath. This one’s heading out to Virginia to my sister!

I love how the wreath looks, and this may be a project I do every year with these beautiful and abundant blossoms.


This wreath will decorate my entry until it’s time to decorate for the holidays! I love it!


5 responses to “Hydrangea Wreath

  1. Rita Holm says:

    Love this…beautiful! Christmas…just put some beautiful red or silver or gold ornamental decorations on it! Halloween some orange and black etc, etc!!!

  2. […] to do it!!!! I’m not gonna lie – sometimes my part in it is harder! You can see that my hydrangea wreath is still “hanging” in there! […]

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