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on December 18, 2015

Seeing this photo of me at 1 year old reminded me so much of Grandma and Grandpa, the farm, and holidays spent there, that I just had to share this one, too. Holidays were always spent with family and a lot of conversation, family stories, laughter and love swirling around the room. This photo is so funny! Can you say “presents?!!!” Haha! I seem to like the ducky toy enough to ignore the other present that looks like it’s bigger than me!!


You can tell by the eyes that I don’t have any idea what’s going on, but I like it!!

Thinking of Grandma and Grandpa, the farm, and the holidays spent there brings me to another Scandinavian recipe! We always have Krumkaka at Christmas and they’re one of my favorite Christmas cookies. My mom has a stove top krumkaka iron that we usually make these cookies on, but this year we’re trying something new. My husband gave me a krumkaka iron for my birthday and it’s ELECTRIC. An electric one is great, but the BEST part about it – it’s a DOUBLE. Yes – you can cook 2 at a time!!! That means it goes twice as fast!! That’s a good thing – a very good thing – because this recipe makes A LOT of cookies. We usually cut it in half and THAT makes a lot of cookies. We sometimes have had a Scandinavian baking day (I’ve posted about a couple of those other cookies – Sanbakkelse, Spritz Cookies, Lefse, and Lefse #2) where my mom comes and one or both of my daughters, so the baking of all these cookies goes faster. If not faster, it just seems like it with all the conversation, family stories, laughter, and love swirling around the room. Sound familiar?

This card has my mom’s initials on it, so it originally came from her. There was another recipe on the back of the card from someone else, but it’s basically just the front recipe cut in half. But with more vanilla. I used the recipe on the back of the card (the half batch) with more vanilla.


Krumkaka 2

This one has the “Good Recipe” connotation on it!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Krumkaka (half batch)

Beat well:

2 eggs


1 cup sugar

1/2 cup butter, softened

1 teaspoon vanilla


Add alternately:

1 1/2 cup flour

Scant 1 cup milk

Mix well.

Cook in krumkaka iron half a minute on each side if using stove top iron (I used my new electric iron and it took about 1 minute and 20 seconds to cook.


Even if you have softened butter, I’d beat it well when adding the rest of the ingredients so you don’t have lumps of butter in the batter.


Yay! Here’s my new electric iron! Put about a heaping teaspoon of batter on iron and hold it shut for about 30 seconds when cooking.


After the cookies are done, remove them from the iron and immediately roll them around the wooden cone that is included with the iron. I’m hoping Santa brings me an extra wooden cone because I found that it would definitely help to have two when cooking two cookies at a time. The second cookie sometimes gets a bit too hard to roll if you don’t stay on top of the rolling thing. I mean, not that you can’t find something to do with those cookies that crack when they sat too long. Someone has to be the taste tester, and luckily, my husband is there with a can of Reddi Wip to squirt into those cracked ones to hold them together and make sure the batch is ok. Hmmm. Maybe there was an ulterior motive involved with this birthday gift.


Aren’t they pretty?!! This batch made about 46. The first ones got a bit lighter than I like them to be, but I was still learning how to use the new iron. We’ve since made a second batch and they were better. I’m learning! I hope you get a chance to try to make some of these great Scandinavian favorites! Gather your family or helpers, make some memories of your own, and feel the love!




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