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Grandma’s Cocoa

on January 13, 2016

We were lucky enough to have a very mild fall here in Minnesota, but the true face of winter here has shown her ugly face. Yesterday the temperature was -13 degrees F when I woke up in the morning with a wind chill of -25 to -35 degrees F. I feel like today is a great time to share the cocoa that my other grandma would make this for me when I stayed at their house. Grandma’s Cocoa is truly the most cocoa-y hot chocolate you will ever try. That’s because it’s made with real cocoa. I do remember Grandma letting me have this for breakfast occasionally, but it was mostly an afternoon treat. She would put the milk in a saucepan on her old gas stove to heat up while I sat at their little kitchen table and busied myself with mixing up the cocoa and sugar, making sure to get EVERY clump and ball of cocoa mixed in. There was nothing better after coming into the house from playing outside in the snow or making a snowman. The smell of that warm milk together with that of the chocolate-y cocoa is one of my favorites from childhood. I made it often for my own kids when they were growing up, but we also have the Hot Chocolate Mix recipe that I got in my 7th grade Home Ec class, so this recipe was only for special occasions. It’s just that good.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Grandma’s Cocoa

1/2 to 1 spoon of cocoa

3 (or more to taste) spoons of sugar

1 cup warm milk

Mix the cocoa and sugar together.

Add the warm milk.


That’s it.

So simple.


I heated the milk in a kettle on the stove.


I used a regular table spoon for this and put the sugar into the cup. Next, in goes the cocoa and then it’s time to mix them up. I think Grandma used more sugar than I did because I remember that it looked more sugary or white. You can add more to taste.


Pour in the warm milk and stir some more. That’s it. Just three simple ingredients. You can add whipped cream or marshmallows on top, but this is the way Grandma made it.


You can see why I needed to make this today – look out the patio door! You can see the cold and snow out there!


It’s time to get out all of my warm and toasty wool blankets, snuggle up with a good book, make some cocoa, and let the winter winds howl. I’ll be just fine right here, thank you, with my cup of cocoa. Just keep ’em comin’ – it could be a long winter.



2 responses to “Grandma’s Cocoa

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  2. […] My husband and I were having a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows recently, and after spending waaaaay too much time on Pinterest looking at Valentine ideas, I wanted to try to cut marshmallows in the shape of a heart to put in our hot chocolate. I first tried rolling a regular big marshmallow flat with a rolling-pin. It didn’t work so well until my husband suggested using some sugar (like flour when you’re rolling out cookies) to help it get larger. Well, it worked, but the heart was really flat. Then we put it into the microwave to see if it would puff up again. Ha! It did – a lot! But then it went back to being flat and got real gooey. The next day I decided to try to make my own marshmallow hearts, but I didn’t want a big cake pan full of marshmallows. Google it! I found a recipe for a small batch of marshmallows at I tried it, LOVED them, and here we have Homemade Marshmallow Hearts in Hot Chocolate. These marshmallows would be perfect with either Hot Chocolate Mix or Grandma’s Cocoa. […]

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