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Another After School Snack – Graham Crackers With Frosting

on September 16, 2016

These treats were something that my other grandma made me for a snack when I was growing up. We lived right next door to my other grandma and gramp for the first 8 years of my life and I would go to their house after school from kindergarten through second grade. She would make these for me for an after school snack while I watched the cartoons “Yogi Bear” and “The Flintstones”.  She taught me how to make them and eventually I made them for all of my kids after school while they were growing up. There really isn’t a name for these, so we’ll call them Graham Crackers With Frosting. All three of my kids grew up having these as an after school snack all throughout their grade school, middle school, and high school years. My son says they’re absolutely necessary, even though they really were a special treat because there was usually the obligatory graham crackers and peanut butter to snack on while watching the “Garfield and Friends” cartoon after school. And if it’s at all possible, he’d still like the people in charge to bring back that cartoon. He’s an adult but he’d still watch that show every day if it was on somewhere out there in TV land.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Graham Crackers With Frosting

Combine for frosting:

1 1/2 – 2 cups powdered sugar (depending on how thick you want the frosting)

1/2 teaspoon almond extract (or vanilla, peppermint, lemon or any flavor you like)

2 Tablespoons milk

Stir and spread on graham crackers.


These cracker snacks really are incredibly easy to make.


Mix up the frosting and spread it on the crackers. Done. You could also try different kinds of graham cracker for this. Chocolate or cinnamon would be nice.


You can make the frosting as thick as you like by adding more powdered sugar. Just remember – the longer they sit, the thicker the frosting gets.


These are even fun to make open-faced. Add mini chocolate chips, colored sugar (Minnesota Viking colors here), or sprinkles to match an appropriate holiday (Halloween is coming).


This may be a simple snack, but they sure are good! I hope you give these a try. They’re a GREAT after school snack – even for grown ups. Turn on some cartoons, pour a big glass or milk, and munch on a few of these with your kids!


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