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Cheese Board

on September 23, 2016

Grandma liked to make a Sunday night supper of cold meat and cheese. I never understood it until having a family of my own and then I got it – by Sunday night supper you need a break from cooking big dinners for the family. You just want to have something easy to throw together. She would have big plates of different kinds of sliced cheese with several kinds of (lunch) meat, ready to make into sandwiches or have on crackers. When the garden was available, there would be big slices of ripe tomato and cucumber ready for a deluge of salt and pepper or topped with poppy-seed dressing. Dessert was some kind of frozen treat like Eskimo Pies, Ice Cream Sandwiches, or Drumsticks. I want to carry on this tradition by keeping Sunday night supper easy but tasty. This is perfect for a Sunday night supper, for snacking during the football game, or for any kind of entertaining. There really isn’t a recipe for this, it’s just putting together different things that go well together. I love a good Cheese Board. I just love cheese. There are people who are particular about what cheese goes with what fruit or cracker. When putting this board together, I kind of used what I had on hand, and the family absolutely loved it.


We had several cheeses after a weekend trip to Wisconsin with a stop at a little local cheese shop. There should also be crackers and a sliced baguette to put the cheese on. After setting up the board, I realized that slicing the cheese BEFORE putting it on the board would have been beneficial. It’s not so easy to slice once it’s nestled in there amongst the other goodies.


I made some Rosemary Pecans for an extra little nibble. Just saute until roasted, pecans, almonds, cashews, or walnuts (or a combination of all of them) in a tablespoon of butter, add salt and pepper and a couple of tablespoons of fresh rosemary (from my herb pot on the deck) at the end. Delicious!


You’ll want some fruit on the board. I used red grapes, strawberries, and slices of apple. In addition, I also added a bowl of green olives and a bowl of yellow pear tomatoes from our garden (cherry tomato size). Incidentally, the tally for those garden yellow pear tomatoes – 415 (yes – we keep a tally of how many we pick)!!!


Add your favorite wine or have a wine tasting with several kinds. Can you ever really have too many kinds of wine? I think not. This is my own added touch – Grandma would not have added wine.


This really is one of my favorite meals. It’s a nice way to not have to work too hard, yet it’s still pretty impressive whether it’s Sunday night supper or entertaining. I intend to do this a LOT from now on – especially since you can get such a nice selection of cheeses at your local grocery store now days. A lot of this you can have in your pantry and just pull it out at the last-minute. Perfect.


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