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Day 7 – 12 Days of Scandinavian Christmas – Lefse #3 (Instant Potato Lefse)

on December 7, 2016


Today is Day 7 of the 12 Days of Scandinavian Christmas and we’re making Lefse #3 (Instant Potato Lefse). This is the third recipe for lefse that I found in Grandma’s file. The other 2 have been absolutely delicious, and this recipe was also delicious, but I had some issues with it. I’ll elaborate as we go along. I remember that when we first started to make lefse, we did use a recipe that had instant potatoes in it. While this may be that original recipe, I’m just not sure.



As you can tell, this recipe is incomplete at the end, so I’ll fill it in as we go.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Lefse #3 (Instant Potato Lefse)


3 1/2 cups water


1/2 cup margarine (I used butter)

1 teaspoon salt

Pour mixture into:

4 cups instant potatoes

Mix well.

Add in:

1/2 cup cream

Mix well.


Cover with plastic wrap.

Chill in refrigerator overnight.

This is the end of the recipe, but what to do with the 2 cups of flour? Grandma had written “wait” after it on the card, and after going back to look at other lefse recipes I’ve made, you mix in the flour the next day before frying. So that’s what I did.

Make balls of dough, roll thin, and fry on lefse griddle at 350-400 degrees.


It’s funny how such simple ingredients can turn out so many different and delicious recipes.


This is adding the butter to the boiling water and then to the instant potatoes.


Here we are – all mixed up and ready for the frig.


The next day – mix in the flour and start frying.


Here is my set-up. I do things the way Grandma and Grandpa did – a pastry cloth and a sock over the rolling-pin, extra flour to sprinkle on the cloth so I won’t get too big of a wet spot, a nice lefse stick for moving the dough from the board to the griddle and back to the cooling area, and a paper towel handy to wipe down the top of the griddle if I get too much flour on it.


Here is the cooling area. I only do this because Grandma and Grandpa did it this way, but it’s a good system. There is one baking sheet with paper towels on it for cooling down the lefse (it absorbs the moisture and condensation from the heat of the lefse), one baking sheet with paper towels on it for stacking the lefse after it’s cooled, and a freezer bag for packaging the lefse to it can be put in the freezer and well hidden so there will actually be some left by Christmastime.


I did this batch of lefse by myself, so I had to have everything ready to go.


This was one of the first ones I did and it got a bit too dark. Grandma was always adamant that she didn’t want them to be too dark, but I kinda like them that way. This lefse wasn’t as tender as the other 2 recipes I’ve made for this blog. I tried turning the temperature up and turning it down, but these got a bit tougher and crisper than we like. I prefer the recipes for Lefse and Lefse #2 to this recipe.


Here’s a little secret about this griddle. This was Grandma and Grandpa’s griddle, so it’s been around awhile and there have been some repairs done. The thermostat went out on it years ago and instead of just buying a new griddle, Grandpa bought a new one that cost more than the griddle itself. The other repair (not really a repair, but a modification) is that one of the legs fell off, and we modified it by finding a ceramic electrical bulb fixture that just happens to be exactly the right height to keep the griddle level. Works great!


Everybody likes butter on lefse, but some of our family like honey on it and some of our family like cinnamon and sugar on it. Some of our family like it with the works. It’s all in what your preference is.


For this particular piece, I put on butter with cinnamon and sugar. Yum.


Here is the lefse all rolled up with all the goodies inside. I had to try a couple of pieces warm off the griddle – it’s best that way! The rest is already packaged and hidden in the freezer. Here’s hoping it lasts until Christmas! We’re so lucky that we were able to learn from Grandma and Grandpa how to make lefse. Traditionally we made it with them on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was fun to learn how to make it, but more than that, it was fun to talk and laugh and tell stories about the old days. It’s a great tradition for us all to have been a part of and I’m so grateful.


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