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Day 8 – 12 Days of Scandinavian Christmas – Stamped Gift Wrap

on December 8, 2016


It’s already Day 8 of the 12 Days of Scandinavian Christmas and we’re getting crafty today. We’re making Stamped Gift Wrap with rubber stamps. Of course, I’m using a few Scandinavian stamps today, but you really could use stamps of any design. In my case, it’s a very economical thing to do, and as I’m writing this, I’m wondering why I haven’t done more of this in the past. There are piles of paper in the office downstairs that my husband brought home from work over the years for the kids to use for art projects. Wrapping paper is expensive and if you have access to free paper – do it! You can get rubber stamps fairly inexpensively at most craft stores, and ink pads can be used hundreds of times. Come to think of it, you can stamp with objects you have around the house – you wouldn’t even have to buy a rubber stamp. You could make a stamp of a star from a potato, or use household objects like the end of a spool of thread or the bottom of a glass, or even use a cookie cutter as a stamp! Whatever gives you a nice, graphic look on the paper. I don’t think you’d want to make gigantic pieces of wrapping paper with a stamp, but for smaller gifts, this can really be cute. There isn’t any recipe or real instructions for this – you just go for it, start stamping, and have fun!

Here is the gift wrap as I made it:

Stamped Gift Wrap

Find some paper – my husband has gotten paper from the company he works for over the years. Sometimes they would be upgrading equipment and they couldn’t use the paper they had anymore. Instead of just throwing it away, he’d take it home and our kids would have tons of paper to use for the millions (and I’m not exaggerating here) and millions of pieces of artwork they would constantly work on. Finding a piece of paper that fits the gift you want to wrap would be perfect.

Get out all of your rubber stamps – they can be Christmas stamps or just stamps that look cool together and make a nice design.

Find the color of ink you want to use on your stamps – of course, I love red, green, silver, or gold for this time of year.

Lay out your paper, ink up your stamps, and go to town!!


Collect all the things you’ll need before you start – I hate having to stop and run to get things once I’m rolling on a craft project. I have, in addition to my paper, a stamper that lets you write a phrase, my Scandinavian stamps, and red and green ink pads.


I started with a dala horse stamp and made a pattern. Here’s his close-up – isn’t he cute?!!


Next I added some snowflakes in a different color – so cute!


On my second piece of paper, I used a pretty star stamp for an over-all pattern and then used the stamp that lets you write a phrase to add the God Jul.


10 minutes later – yes, it’s that quick – I have 2 pieces of wrapping paper all ready to go!


One of my favorite things in the whole word – wrapping gifts!!


I think they turned out very pretty! Coordinating ribbon to “tie” it all together, and  you have a very nice package. Try this for a fun and inexpensive Christmas craft project. Do it with your kids or grandkids – they’ll love being able to add their creativity to the gift giving process. It will also keep them busy for a few minutes while you get a couple of things done. Get them set up and let them go nuts! Giving the hand-stamped wrapping paper as a gift is also a very nice thing, maybe even as a hostess gift. Lovely.






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