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Springtime Flowers

on March 24, 2017

Our family lost a dear friend over the weekend. It happened way too early for the young man who was more than a friend to my son. He was a kind of big brother, a mentor, and a band mate – a wonderful and gifted musician and songwriter, who was in 2 bands with him. Left behind were his lovely young wife and his 17 month old son. This wonderful husband, father, and business owner will be so dearly missed by all who knew him.

I’m having trouble with this loss. A while back, he stopped at our house to drop off something for my son, and we chatted a bit about his baby son before he headed back to his truck. He told me that his wife was working at home to be with their son, and his face absolutely lit up when he started talking about them. He loved them so. My heart just aches for his family, and for the fact that they face a life without him. We never know why these things happen, but they do happen. I so hope that the incredible love and support they’re getting from family and friends will hold his wife and son up in the months and years to come. It always seems like the world should stop when things like this happen, but it doesn’t. Life goes on.

Because of the week’s events, I was feeling the need to brighten up the house. We haven’t had a lot of snow here in Minnesota, and it’s not warm enough for things to start growing yet. It’s very brown and drab outside, and that’s not helping my mood. I needed some color and some Springtime Flowers.

I know – this arrangement ended up being a bit large, but I don’t care. It’s beautiful. I can’t tell you how much this little bit of springtime has already lifted my spirits.

These flowers totaled less than $20, and it really was money well spent. I think they’re all pretty long-lasting flowers, and I hope to have them last a week or more.

They really did bring a bit of spring into the house. I did have enough to make one other smaller bouquet that I put in my living room.

Grandma and Grandpa had pussy willows growing on the corner of their house once they moved off the farm and into the little town about a mile away, and they would bring me a big bunch every spring. I wish I would have gotten a cutting from that bush to put in our yard. Pussy willows are one of my springtime favorites.

These beautiful orange tulips just brighten up the day!


I put this bouquet into an old coffee pot of Grandma’s. I’m glad I decided to invest in this big bunch of beautiful springtime flowers. It really wasn’t that much of an investment, and they really have brightened my day and my mood.

Having lost loved ones and family members before, I never take anything for granted. I cherish every minute and hold my remaining loved ones a little bit closer. Life can be so fragile. Thanks for visiting today, thanks for listening, and please check back again soon!





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