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Peachy Lemonade

on June 18, 2019

Today’s recipe for Peachy Lemonade comes from my mom. She probably got it from one of her friends, and I’m so glad. So glad. It’s a ridiculously easy recipe to make (for my “Nothing But Easy Summer”), and it’s ridiculously delicious. Everybody had a lemonade stand when they were kids, right? I think I tried it once or twice – once when my other grandma was babysitting me and then once at the lake (there wasn’t a lot of traffic out there). This lemonade with fruit would have brought big bucks if we had known about this back in the day. It might have put us through college! You get to add other tasty ingredients to already refreshing lemonade, and I can see totally changing this and using other fruits and juices to make your own amazing recipes. Just keeping lemonade as the base, you could add: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, lemon slices, lime slices, orange slices, mango slices, apricot slices. You could change the lemonade to any kind of fruit juice and do the same. This seems like it could be a VERY versatile recipe. You could even stick with seasonal fruit and change it up all year long! Add a bottle of white wine and make it a sangria – if you’re into that sort of thing – or even add vodka or rum. Now we’re talkin’ fruity!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Peachy Lemonade

Make 2 quarts of Lemonade – either from scratch or from a mix (I used a mix – this is the “Nothing But Easy Summer”, remember?).



2 cans (5 1/2 oz. each) peach or apricot nectar (it doesn’t say if you’re supposed to use frozen nectar, but I found some soda can sized cans in the Mexican food section of my grocery store)

Refrigerate and chill.

Just before serving, add 1 cup frozen peach slices.

Makes 2 1/2 quarts.

Since we weren’t having company, I made just a half batch. This is how easy this lemonade is to make – I used a lemonade mix, a can of mango nectar (soda can size – that’s just what I happened to have in my cupboard), and a package of frozen peaches that I froze myself that came right out of my freezer. So I had the flavors of lemon, mango, peach, AND orange here (the peaches were frozen in orange juice).

That’s it! Done!

Fill the glass with ice and pour yourself a refreshing glass of Peachy Lemonade.

I picked a sprig of mint growing in the pot on my deck – to make it mint scented and pretty – and there you go! SO pretty!

Oh. Em. Gee. This is so good and so ridiculously easy to do. It’s perfect for this summer – keep it easy, keep it good, keep it fun. This one’s a keeper! You HAVE TO try this Peachy Lemonade and let me know what other kinds of fruit you try in it!


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