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Potato Packets on the Grill

on August 9, 2019

We’re grilling today, and we’re making Potato Packets on the Grill! We used to make packets like this to grill back in the 1970s at the lake where we lived. Today I’m just showing how to make the packets with potato and onion, but once in awhile we’ll add sliced carrots to them. I know they used to be called Hobo Dinners (or something like that) when you’d also add hamburger in there, but we didn’t usually do that. The possibilities for grilling things in foil are endless, but today we just need a side dish in foil. I don’t use a written out recipe for this, I have always just made this up. I know some people don’t like cooking with foil, but we really don’t do this very often. My family always loved when I made these, so I hope you try them and you’re family will like them, too!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Potato Packets on the Grill

Pile on each square of foil (making 1 per person):

1 potato, sliced

a few slices of onion

a pat of butter or splash of olive oil – you don’t want the potatoes to stick to the foil

salt and pepper

fresh thyme leaves (I used the herbs from the pot on my deck) or any other fresh herbs, if desired

Keeping the vegetables as flat as possible, seal the edges and ends of the foil to make a packet. Sealing the edges keeps the steam in the packet and helps the potato cook more evenly. Keeping the potatoes flat in the packet helps them cook faster.

Lay packets on grill for a bit before grilling your main dish – about 10-15 minutes total. You could put them over the hot part of the grill first, but then move them to the cool part of the grill to keep warm while you grill your main event. We didn’t flip the packets, but if you feel the need to do that, go ahead – that might make for a nice browning on both sides of the packet.

Cut the potatoes into 1/2 inch cubes or slice them if you want to (you can peel them, but I didn’t here). Then slice the onion and get your herbs ready.

Put all ingredients into the middle of the foil square.

Roll the middle edge of the foil, then the sides to make a packet.

Here are the packets all ready for the grill. My husband grilled these for about 10-15 minutes total, but if you’re worried they’re not done, open them up a bit and prick with a fork or knife and make sure they’re tender. If not, throw them back on the grill for a few more minutes. It will all depend on how hot your grill is and how long you have them on there.

I served the potatoes with a grilled ribeye and green beans from our garden, and I had to add a few cherry tomatoes from the pot on our deck, too! Um – yum! You can find the recipe for the Compound Butter here – it’s great on steak!

It’s fun to make these potatoes to serve with whatever you’re grilling. Kids will love to help make these and see how they turn out – delicious! Let me know if you try these and what other vegetables you try! Have fun – this is what summer’s all about! Next time you’re grilling, go ahead – have some fun – and try these easy and delicious Potato Packets on the Grill!


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