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Happy Earth Day 2019!

Happy Earth Day! Grandma and Grandpa were married just after the Great Depression, and without even knowing it, they were being good to the earth by how they lived on the farm.

Here’s how they did it:

They didn’t buy anything they didn’t need, and when they did buy something, they bought the very best so they wouldn’t have to spend money on buying another one for a very long time.

They recycled everything they could by reusing it in some way –

  • they would reuse underwear, undershirts, socks, or old shirts by using them for rags for cleaning the house, etc., and then they would re-wash and reuse them over and over again until there was nothing left of them. I don’t remember them using a lot of paper towels.
  • they never threw away paper bags, cardboard boxes, or glass containers because they may need them for storing things or using them for bringing something to someone or packaging a gift.
  • they would keep old parts of anything (machinery, furniture, lighting, anything around the farm) because you might be able to use it in some way at another time and not have to spend money to get a new part or waste gas by driving into town to get a new part.

They grew their own food in the garden and preserved it for future use by freezing or canning.

They composted food waste by feeding it to the pigs they grew for both their own food and for making money.

This is a small list, but I think we could all benefit from being more like Grandma and Grandpa in how we think about the items we buy, use, and throw away. Let’s be good to the earth – it’s the only one we have!




Happy Easter – Happy Spring!

Happy Easter everyone, and Happy Spring!

I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends.


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A Little Breath of Springtime!

This is an unscheduled post today, because we all need A Little Breath of Springtime. I have had it with the snow and ice and below zero temperatures, and I need a little springtime. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that most of you feel the same. We’ve just endured (and still have on the ground with more to come) more than 33 inches of snow here in Minnesota during the month of February (an all-time record for the month). Spring IS coming. I promise. Just for you, here is A Little Breath of Springtime!

Hang in there!

Breathe. Relax. Enjoy.











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8 Easy Snacks for the Super Bowl

Sunday is the biggest game of the year, so today I just had to share 8 Easy Snacks for the Super Bowl! They’re all easy to make, and you know they need to be easy to transport to whatever party you’ll be attending! Unless you’re a fan of one of the two teams playing, remember to eat your snacks during the game so you can watch the commercials!

Caramel Corn


Cheese Ball


Poppy Seed Buns


Oyster Cracker Snacks


Cajun Chex Mix


Dry Beef Dip


Buffalo Chicken Dip


Tiny Meatballs


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you have a chance to put your feet up today, and relax after the mad rush of the holidays!

Make yourself a delicious beverage. No, not an adult beverage – we don’t want you to pass out from exhaustion – just relax. Maybe try one of the following warm, comforting, and cozy ideas: Hot Chocolate, Russian Tea, Grandma’s Cocoa, Hot Cranberry Drink, Wassail, or Hot Cider.

Next – wrap up in your coziest blanket and a nice pair of warm and toasty socks.

Ahhh! That’s nice.

If you are lucky enough to be able to do this in front of a nice, crackling fire, all the better!

Now just breathe and relax.

I wish you all the best in 2019!

Thanks for reading Plenty Sweet Life!




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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dear readers!

I hope you enjoy this photo of my mom’s Sunday school Christmas program from sometime in the 1950’s. She’s on the left (it looks like she must have been a reader or narrator) and I think her little brother is second from the right (playing one of the 3 wise men). I love everything about this one – it’s a classic. Some things never change!

I wish you joy, love, peace, and the happiest of holidays!



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It’s a Blog Party!

Let’s Party! Blog Party, that is!

Bernadine over at Bernadine’s Bakery is hosting a Blog Party and she invited me to join. I was able to share my posts for Harvest Loaf Cake, Caramel Candy, and Spice Cake. You might want to visit Bernadine’s Bakery – there are a lot of fun blogs, bloggers, and other fun things to explore at this Blog Party!

If you have a blog you want to promote, you might want to check out the rules and join!

It’s a lot of fun, so hop on over to Bernadine’s Bakery and check it out!



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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Stay safe and have fun!


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My 6 Favorite Halloween Treats

Today I’m sharing My 6 Favorite Halloween Treats! I hope you’re not too scared to try some of these spooky recipes! Try them all! Your friends and family will sure be happy that you did!

Chocolate Rice Krispie Cookies


Halloween Popcorn Balls


Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds


Rollo Pretzel Treats for Halloween


Halloween Bark


Halloween Bundt Cake






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My 10 Favorite Ways to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

Today I’m sharing – in one place – My 10 Favorite Ways to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables. After already “putting up” rhubarb, jalapeno peppers, peaches, and zucchini for the blog this year, I thought I’d share a list with some of my other favorites. It’s that time of year – our gardens are overflowing, and we’re in the throes of preservation. As I’ve said before, it’s so much fun to enjoy a bit of summer sunshine in the middle of a cold, snowy Minnesota winter. Here are some of my favorite things to can and freeze.




Marinara Sauce


Peach Jam


Frozen Green Beans


Frozen Corn


Hot Bath Tomatoes


Frozen Cole Slaw


Turmeric Pickles


Uncooked Jam


Grandma’s Tomato Soup




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