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Holiday Slush

on November 15, 2019

A cocktail that you can make ahead and is ready to go at a moments notice – this recipe for Holiday Slush is delicious and perfect for any holiday party or gathering. Who are we kidding? It’s perfect for any party or gathering ANY time of year! It’s just that we seem to have more parties and gatherings at THIS time of year. This recipe comes from one of Grandma’s sisters, and wow, am I glad we have this one! It’s amazingly delicious and refreshing. Big surprise – it’s one of my new favorites! Well, I like a party – and celebrations of all kinds, as you can see by this photo of me when I was about 3 years old. It’s just not a party without the party horn – you know, the kind you blow out and they make noise and then they roll back in. And you can do it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again and drive all the adults crazy. Yeah – that one! I loved those when I was a kid.

This particular party that I was having – by myself, apparently – looks like it was thanksgiving time, as portrayed by the fall arrangement on the little table (this was at my other grandma and gramp’s house). I look like I was already indulging in this slush. Ha! Maybe I should get some of those party horns for this year’s holiday celebrations. Hmmm?

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Holiday Slush

Mix together in a pan:

7 cups water

2 cups sugar

Bring to a boil, then cool.


2 cups water

Steep in the water:

4 green tea bags


Remove tea bags and combine with the water mixture.


1-12 ounce can frozen orange juice, thawed

1-12 ounce can frozen lemonade, thawed

2 cups brandy or gin (I used brandy)


To serve: Scoop frozen slush into glasses and add 7-Up or sour mix.

Top with a cherry.

I steeped the tea and let it cool with the tea bags in it. Green tea is an interesting ingredient – might as well get some antioxidants at the same time, right?

I just mixed them all together in the biggest container I had, and into the freezer with it! I do seem to remember back in the day when people were making this, that they used ice cream buckets to freeze this stuff. That would definitely take up less room in the freezer.

Once it’s frozen, it’s ready for the party! It doesn’t freeze solid because of the alcohol – that makes the perfect texture. Scoop the slush into the glass and add the 7-Up. That does make the drink “plenty sweet”, so I tried it with sparkling water and that was also delicious. I made picks with three cherries instead of putting just one cherry on top, for extra festiveness!

This slush can take you from September thru January, but I don’t know why you couldn’t leave this in your freezer all year long! It would be amazingly refreshing in the summer, too! Maybe try it with other types of alcohol, like vodka.

Yes – another of my favorites. I seem to be finding a lot of favorites from these old family recipes – and I love it! This slush is such a great adult drink to keep in the freezer. It’s no fuss, no muss entertaining. Just add the soda and you’re golden. For a non-alcohol version, just mix it all up and leave out the alcohol, but don’t put it in the freezer. Maybe to make it special for kids at holdiay time, add a scoop of orange or lemon sherbet at the end when adding the soda – like a float! Yum! If you have any kind of entertaining coming up this holiday season, you’re going to want to make up a batch of this delicious and very festive Holiday Slush – and let the celebrating begin!



2 responses to “Holiday Slush

  1. What a lovely idea! Slushy things are so much fun to eat/drink.

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