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Peach Upside Down Cake

This recipe for Peach Upside Down Cake (there is no title on the recipe card – I just made up this name) comes from my mom, who must have gotten it from a friend or co-worker of hers. It’s August, and since peaches are in season and plentiful right now, what better time to make this cake? Today would have been my other grandma’s 107th birthday. I absolutely LOVE this photo of her, from what I think must have been about the time she graduated from high school, around the mid 1920’s.

I just love those finger waves! So pretty!

Peaches would have made a wonderful birthday cake, and I wonder if that ever happened since she had an August birthday. I hope so. Peaches are one of the best things about August, and if she were still here with us, I would have made her this delicious cake for her birthday cake!

This delicious cake is a lot like Rhubarb Upside Down Dessert I made last year.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Peach Upside Down Cake

Mix according to mix directions:

1 yellow or white cake mix (I used lemon cake mix because I happened to have one)

On top of raw cake batter put:

4 cups peaches, sliced or chopped (I used 5 peaches to get 4 cups)

On top of peaches sprinkle:

1 1/2 cups sugar (I used 1/2 cup sugar and it was “plenty sweet”)

On top of fruit and sugar add:

1 1/2 cups whipping cream

Sprinkle over top of all:


Bake at 350 degrees for 45-55 minutes.

I used a lemon cake mix for this cake and it was delicious, but I think a white or yellow cake mix would lend itself to a more peachy flavor. You can chop the peaches, but because I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen with this cake, I sliced them. I also used much less sugar than called for. 1 1/2 cups of sugar sure sounded like a lot.

It really didn’t look like this was going to work out ok. This really seemed like A LOT of cream. We’ll see what happens.

This is what happened. Where did the peaches go?

The peaches and cream went to the bottom of the cake and made a peachy, creamy topping for this upside down cake. It’s just like the rhubarb in the Rhubarb Upside Down Dessert!

We enjoyed this cake warm with a bit of whipped cream on top, but it was just as good a couple of days later cold (after being stored in the refrigerator) with some Homemade Ice Cream on top. I think this might work well with most kinds of fruit. If you have a lot of peaches and you want to make a very special treat – birthday or otherwise – you’ll love this Peach Upside Down Cake!


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Limoncello Cake

Today’s recipe for Limoncello Cake is a lot like a Rum Cake that I’ve made in the past. This makes a delicious lemon cake that soaks in Limoncello instead of rum, and sits in a buttery, sugary, boozy, lemony puddle of sauce. How bad can that be? My oldest daughter just graduated with her Masters Degree in Art Education, and we just HAD to celebrate (as if this family needs a reason to celebrate)! She is a chocolate freak (like her Grami – my mom), but when I needed an idea for a cake to celebrate, I asked her, “How do you feel about Limoncello Cake for the celebration?” She said, “I feel good about it!” Well, that’s all I needed to get started. We decided that this cake is both celebratory and boozy – all at the same time! Nice!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Limoncello Cake

For the cake:

Mix all together on medium speed for 3 minutes:

1 lemon cake mix (the kind with no pudding included)

1 small box of vanilla instant pudding

4 eggs

1/2 cup cold water

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup Limoncello

Grease the Bundt pan with butter and coat with sugar (for easier removal from the pan).

If desired, you can put 1 cup chopped nuts in the bottom of the pan (I didn’t use nuts in this cake).

Pour batter into Bundt pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

Use a skewer or toothpick to poke holes in cake while it’s still warm and in the pan.

Pour half of the glaze over the cake and into the holes.

Turn cake onto plate, poke holes in top with skewer or toothpick, and pour rest of glaze over top and into holes (make sure the cake is positioned where you want it on the cake plate as you wont be able to move it very easily after – it will be too soaked with the yummy glaze).

There will be some glaze running over sides of cake and it will puddle onto cake plate and sometimes over the edge (it’s a lot of yummy glaze).

For the glaze (make this about 10 minutes before cake is to be done and set aside in something easier to pour out of, like a large measuring cup):

Bring to a boil:

1/2 cup butter

1/4 cup water

1 cup sugar

Remove from heat and add:

1/2 cup Limoncello

Luckily I had a bottle of Limoncello left from when my youngest daughter went to visit her college roommate in California and brought home a suitcase of lemons for me to use to make lemon goodies! Perfect – I just used that! You can go ahead and buy Limoncello if you want. I mean, if you want it to be store-bought, I guess. Ha.

The first time I made a Rum Cake like this Limoncello Cake, it stuck in the pan. Coating the pan with butter and sugar is not only tasty, it really works to release the cake better!

Yum – here we go!

Here we are – out of the oven, covered with holes, and half of the glaze already soaking in to the delicious lemon cake.

Here is the cake out of the pan and ready for the second half of the glaze to be poured over top. No kidding – the cake will be sitting in a puddle of that luscious sauce. Oh my goodness.

Just make sure to get the cake in the middle of the plate before turning – at least sort of – because it will be so soaked with the saucy goodness, you can’t move it very easily after.

This is a very appropriate celebration cake. It’s so lemony, so buttery, so boozy, and so sweet. Serve it with some whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream – heaven! You and whomever you’re celebrating with are going to absolutely LOVE this very celebratory and boozy Limoncello Cake!


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5 Years Blogging and Prune Spice Cake

Today’s recipe is for Prune Spice Cake, and today is the 5th anniversary of Plenty Sweet Life! Have I really been doing this for 5 years? Really? I had to post today the same way I did 5 years ago, when I started with Prune Cake in honor of my grandma and her 100th birthday. Grandma and one of her sisters shared a birthday. They were born on the same day two years apart. Because today is the actual birthday, I had to share this photo of the two birthday girls from sometime around the mid 1930’s.

They sure are dressed up for some special occasion. Let’s just say it’s a birthday party! Those dresses are gorgeous! I seem to remember Grandma telling me once that their mother sewed all of their clothes. She sure was good at it. She even sewed the baptismal gown that our birthday girl was going to wear, but there were complications at her birth and she never got to wear it. The fun part is – it’s been worn by all the babies in our family ever since!

Today would be Grandma’s 105th birthday, and I had to do another one of her recipes for prune cake – we do need birthday cake today, after all. The smell of this cake baking just totally smells like Grandma. And love. She is the one who inspired Plenty Sweet Life and I have to say that I believe she did live a plenty sweet life – in more ways than one! Happy birthday, Grandma! I love you and I miss you!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Prune Spice Cake

Sift together:

3 cups cake flour

2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon allspice or mace (I used allspice)

Set aside.

Cream together until light and fluffy:

3/4 cup shortening (I used butter)

2 cups sugar


3 eggs

Beat well.


1 teaspoon vanilla

1 1/2 cups drained, coarsely chopped prunes (or canned stewed prunes or cooked prunes which have stood overnight in the liquid – I just chopped regular prunes because they were nice and soft and tender and if cooked, it seemed like they’d just disintegrate)

Add alternately:

1 1/4 cup buttermilk

flour mixture

Beat well after each addition.

Pour batter into 3 9″ layer pans lined with parchment on the bottom, or 2 9″ x 9″ x 2″ square pans.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes (she said she had made cupcakes, so that’s what I did and baked them 20-25 minutes).

To frost these Prune Spice Cake cupcakes, I used the Fluffy White Frosting recipe from this past post.

Maybe prunes are processed differently than they were years ago, but these were very soft and I was a bit afraid to try to cook them. It worked out just fine.

I used my whisk to sift all of the dry ingredients.

Into the cupcake forms goes the batter!

They smell divine while baking, and taste even better when done!

There’s nothing better than Fluffy White Frosting, but I’m still learning (really – I hope I NEVER stop learning), and I learned something today . . .

. . . as I frosted the cupcakes. As you can see, the frosting started to get rough and it wasn’t as smooth as in the beginning. When I made the frosting and had it over the boiling water, I left it on the water when adding the vanilla. I think I’d try taking the bowl off the boiling water next time, when adding the vanilla, and beat it off the heat so it cools down a bit and doesn’t keep on cooking the frosting. Maybe that’s why it got rough – it just kept cooking in the hot bowl. It’s worth a try. It wasn’t gritty at all (the sugar did dissolve) – it just looked rough, but still tasted just as delicious!

There is just no way we’re going to have birthday cake without a cup of coffee in the afternoon. No way.

This is one of the prettier cupcakes I frosted in the beginning. The cake is tasty and the frosting is fluffy and it makes for an amazing birthday combination! Prunes? Who knew? They’re delicious in cake and I totally suggest you celebrate your next birthday girl or boy with some of these Prune Spice Cake cupcakes, and the birthday girl or boy will have, I’m sure, a plenty sweet life just like Grandma!

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Popcorn Cake

This recipe for Popcorn Cake comes from a friend we met when we were first married and living in a different town. Their family came to visit us for a weekend when we moved to our house, and they brought the lovely housewarming gift of a recipe book where you could write in your own recipes. She had written in a few recipes that her family enjoyed, and this was one of them.

I have only made this once before, but I WILL be making it more often from now on.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Popcorn Cake

Melt together:

1 – 10 1/2 ounce bag of marshmallows

25 caramels

3/4 cup butter

1/4 cup vegetable oil

Pour this over:

9 cups popped popcorn


3/4 cup M&Ms (I used 1 cup)

3/4 cup dry roasted peanuts (I used 1 cup)

Stir until mixed.

Put in buttered 9″ x 13″ pan (I used a Bundt pan).

Cool 1 hour in refrigerator before serving.

You can make the popcorn any way you like: microwave, kettle, or like I did, with my good old college air popper! Still works great!

Not a lot of ingredients, but they’re delicious ingredients!

Pour the first mixture over the popcorn.

Mix it up and let it sit just a minute or two before adding the M&Ms so they don’t melt. When thinking about how the final product would look, I decided to put a few M&Ms into the bottom of the Bundt pan so they would be on top when it was turned out.

I put the final mixture into the Bundt pan and patted it down with a buttered piece of waxed paper.

I thought the cake would come right out of the pan easily, but it didn’t. No worries. Just hold it in some warm water for a couple of minutes and it slides right out of the pan. Maybe turning it out onto a plate right away instead of chilling it in the refrigerator would work. You can also just follow the recipe and put the mixture into a regular cake pan and make more of a bar type of thing. Either way is equally delicious and pretty. You can also find out how I made the incredibly fast, incredibly easy, and incredibly inexpensive cake stand here!

I added some sprinkles and decorative sugar to the top of the cake. Not necessary. It’s so cute and so festive without sprinkles. I can see why people make this for birthdays and holidays – it’s pretty decadent – loaded with all those goodies like marshmallows, caramels, peanuts, and M&Ms. It’s so good. And it’s so easy. This is a great last-minute treat to celebrate anything and everything. Try this Popcorn Cake and you’ll agree!


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Rhubarb Cake with Orange Sauce

This recipe for Rhubarb Cake with Orange Sauce comes from one of Grandma’s sisters. Grandma and her sisters had a definite sweet tooth. This cake with the sauce is delicious, and “plenty sweet”. The orange sauce would be amazing on ice cream or angel food cake or even plain.

Rhubarb –  I’ve got a LOT of it this year. I can’t believe how big my rhubarb is!

It was big last year, and I might have made the same statement then, but seriously – the stalks are HUGE! It’s so fun! That means even more rhubarb recipes and maybe even another batch of Rhubarb Jam this year! I can’t believe it’s time for rhubarb, but here we go with the rhubarb recipes!

Wow – so good!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Rhubarb Cake with Orange Sauce

Rhubarb Cake

Cream together:

1/2 cup shortening (I used butter)

1 1/2 cups brown sugar


1 beaten egg

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 cup buttermilk (or 1 cup milk with 1 teaspoon orange juice or vinegar)

2 cups flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla

Stir in:

2 cups chopped rhubarb

Spread batter into a 9″ x 13″ pan.

Sprinkle on top of batter:

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

Serve with Orange Sauce.

Orange Sauce

Heat together:

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup orange juice

1 egg, beaten

1/2 cup brown sugar

4 Tablespoons butter

Cook until mixture thickens (I heated it until it started to boil – it thickens more as it cools).

Rhubarb is just so pretty.

The batter is quick to pull together and it doesn’t take a lot of rhubarb.

Oh yum. How can you go wrong with an Orange Sauce that’s a bit like a caramel, but with the flavor of orange?

Go ahead. Pour it on. It. Is. So. Good. I’m not even kidding. This is one very simple, very quick recipe that you just HAVE TO try. You’re going have to trust me on this one. You’re going to love it and your whole family is going to love it and all of your friends are going to love this Rhubarb Cake with Orange Sauce.





Streusel Cake

Today’s recipe for Streusel Cake came from one of my mom’s co-workers from years ago. She worked at one of the banks in town, and when someone would bring in a delicious treat to share with everyone, they would have to make obligatory copies of the recipe to give all of the co-workers. It wasn’t long after this photo of me and my mom was taken that she started working a the bank and met a lot of life-long friends who started out as co-workers. I think this must have been on our first Mother’s Day, because the writing on the bottom of the photo says 5 months. Since 5 months from my birth month is May, I’d guess that’s what’s happening here. I crack up every time I look at this picture and my face in it! I wonder what was going on behind the camera that made me look like that?! It must have been intense!

The dress mom’s wearing had large, orange-red flowers on it (the earrings matched). I loved it so much that when it wore out and she wouldn’t wear it anymore, I used the fabric and made a pillow out of it! It was so pretty and reminded me of mom. This is such an appropriate photo to share just before Mother’s Day!

This is definitely a special occasion cake, whether you want to have this for brunch or breakfast, or save it to have with your afternoon coffee.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Streusel Cake

For streusel, mix together and reserve:

2 cups graham cracker crumbs

3/4 cup chopped nuts

3/4 cup brown sugar

1 1/4 teaspoons cinnamon

3/4 cup butter, melted

For cake, mix together:

1 yellow cake mix

1 cup water

1/4 cup oil

3 eggs

(I just made the cake batter according to the instructions on the box I had because my cake mix called for softened butter instead of oil. I think you could do the same with any cake mix.)

Blend cake mix, water, oil, and eggs on low speed until moist.

Beat on medium speed for 3 minutes.

Pour half of cake mixture into greased and floured 9″ x 13″ pan.

Sprinkle on half of the streusel mixture.

Add the rest of the cake mixture and then sprinkle the rest of the streusel mixture on top.

Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes.

Yes – this is a LOT of streusel. It’s a pretty decadent recipe. I did say “special occasion”.

I used an offset spatula to spread the batter. Spreading the second layer is a little tricky. You may get some streusel mixed in to the batter, but it really doesn’t matter since the streusel will be sinking into the batter as it bakes.

Before and after baking – the streusel is basically like candy so it sinks in. How bad can that be? The first piece is tricky to get out because of this streusel, so don’t be surprised if it comes out in a couple of pieces. Oh well, you can’t let that go to waste. Someone has to taste it and make sure it’s good enough for mom. I’m just sayin’.

I wouldn’t hate a dollop of whipped cream on top of this cake. I did say “special occasion”, right? I think I said “special occasion”.

Mom will love this “special occasion” cake – with or without the dollop of whipped cream. It’s got the wonderful, sticky, candy-like streusel imbedded in that delicious cake. Wow. Mom will know how much you REALLY love her when you bake up this Streusel Cake!



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Coffee Cake #2

This recipe for Coffee Cake #2 (Coffee Cake#2 because there is already a recipe on Plenty Sweet Life named Coffee Cake) comes from one of Grandma’s sisters, and when I read through it, it seemed a bit familiar. This card is written in Grandma’s sister’s handwriting, and looking back at the coffee cakes I’ve made for Plenty Sweet Life, I found that I’ve already made this and the recipe was in GRANDMA’S handwriting, although named something different. The funny thing is, they didn’t get it from each other – the two sisters had the same recipe and they got it from two different people! Well, I don’t care who had it first, I’m glad that they both had it and that I’ve found out how good it is. It was called Overnight Crunch Coffee Cake when I made it the first time from Grandma’s recipe card, and I’m going to leave this post on here and let you enjoy it again. The first time I made it, I did let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. It looks a little different, but I’m sure they are equally delicious. The recipe seemed familiar, but it looks like I first made it 4 years ago and since I try not to do these recipes twice (there are a LOT of recipes to get thru), I haven’t made it since then. I’ve made several kinds of coffee cakes on Plenty Sweet Life, but I have to say, seriously, this one might be one of my favorites. One of my MANY favorites.

This coffee cake is just so good!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Coffee Cake

Mix all together:

2 cups flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar

2/3 cup shortening (I used butter)

2 eggs

1 cup buttermilk


1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 cup nuts, chopped (I used pecans)

Pour batter into a greased 9″ x 13″ pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

The recipe says it can be refrigerated overnight – I didn’t do it that way this time – but if you want to see what it looked like when I put it into the refrigerator overnight, check it out here.

It makes a bit of a thick batter, so it takes some spreading with a spatula.

The topping really makes it!

It came out so pretty and the house smelled amazing while it was baking.

Yep – one of my new favorites.

Here is ANOTHER very easy, very fast, and very delicious recipe that you can even make the night before. No doubt about it – this coffee cake goes VERY well with coffee. Call up some friends (or your sisters), have them over this afternoon (or this weekend), and enjoy this tasty Coffee Cake #2!





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Hearty Carrot Cake

This recipe for Hearty Carrot Cake is one that I’ve been waiting for Easter to try. (I love carrot cake and so does my middle daughter – whose birthday just so happens to be in April.) It’s time to try this one since Easter is this weekend.

I noticed that I haven’t been sharing photos lately (mainly because I’ve been under the weather since September), so I’m sharing one today. This photo of me with my Easter basket looks like I was about 3 years old. It was always such a big deal to wear your prettiest Easter dress with the white shoes and anklets – the only thing missing here are the white gloves and Easter bonnet! LOVE those chubby legs!

We lived right next door to my other Grandma and Gramp at this point (in the upstairs apartment of the white house behind me – they lived in the house behind the photographer), and this photo was probably taken by Gramp when he got his first Polaroid camera. You would shoot the photo and the camera would spit out the photo and you had to peel the photo off of the backing and wait for it to develop. I would say the bad quality of this one was either bad film or user error. You can still kind of see me – if you squint!

This is another easy recipe from Grandma!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Hearty Carrot Cake

Put into mixing bowl:

1 3/4 cups flour

(The next thing on the recipe is a package of Pillsbury Coconut Almond or Coconut Pecan Frosting Mix. I don’t know of it’s a mistake or what. Is this supposed to be part of the cake or go on top of the cake? I left it out. Actually, I don’t even know if they still make these frosting mixes.)

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup wheat germ, if desired (I left this out)

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

2 cups (4 medium) shredded carrots

8 ounce can (1 cup) crushed pineapple, drained (Grandma says here to save 1/4 up of the juice, but we never use it in this recipe. Was it to mix with the frosting mix? I just don’t know. I didn’t save it or use it.)

3/4 cup buttermilk

1/2 cup oil (I used canola)

3 teaspoons vanilla

3 eggs

Beat 3 minutes at medium speed.

Pour batter into greased and floured 9″ x 13″ pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. (Here Grandma says to cool 10 minutes, so I think she didn’t finished writing out this recipe. I think it was supposed to have the instructions for the frosting at the end. My family loves Cream Cheese Icing, so I used the recipe for that from another Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Icing recipe I’ve done on here previously.)


Mix well:

1/2 cup butter, at room temperature

8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature

1 pound (3 1/2 cups) powdered sugar

Sprinkle on top of cake:

3/4 cup nuts, chopped (I didn’t put these on as some in my family don’t care for them.)

This cake didn’t rise much – you can see that it didn’t even come halfway up the pan.

This is a great recipe for Cream Cheese Icing. I mean really – who are we kidding – the cake is just a vehicle for the icing. Seriously.

This cake is not light and airy – it’s moist, dense, and absolutely delicious.

You can see how full of carrots and pineapple this is. It’s so good. The cake looks a lot like the Carrot Bars I made last year, but the cake tastier than the bars. Try this Hearty Carrot Cake, and if you use the wheat germ in it, let me know how it turns out!



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Tomato Soup Cake

This recipe for Tomato Soup Cake comes from another one of Grandma’s old church cookbooks, and definitely goes under the heading of Retro Oddities!! Because we’re doing something retro today, I have to share another photo. This is a photo of my mom when she was a baby. I LOVE the little curl on the top of her head!!!

I also LOVE that they took this photo somewhere on the farm where there were chickens running around and some out buildings in the background! So cute! They didn’t take too many casual photos like this. Photos were usually so formal. It’s nice to get this little glimpse into normal family life.

Let’s get to this retro recipe. You would think that if you put tomato soup in a cake, you’re going to taste it. The ONLY time I’ve had tomato soup from a can is with that old stand-by, tomato soup and grilled cheese. Tomato soup is the absolute BEST with that ooey-gooey melty cheese sandwich. Well, I think that there are enough spices to cover that tomato flavor. This cake is just plain good! I have to say, this cake is so good and so spicy and so moist – it’s the perfect snack cake. There is absolutely NO taste of tomato soup in it – that I could tell, anyway. The spices make the whole house smell great while it’s baking!

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Tomato Soup Cake


1 cup sugar

1/2 cup Spry (Spry was a kind of vegetable shortening – I used butter)

2 eggs

1 can tomato soup

2 cups cake flour (I don’t use cake flour – I used all-purpose flour)

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground cloves

1 cup dates or raisins (I used raisins)

1/2 cup nuts, chopped (I used pecans)

Pour into 9″ x 9″ cake pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 45-55 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean.

While I couldn’t detect any tomato soup flavor after baking, it did have a bit of an unusual color.

I used powdered sugar in a sieve to make a pretty topping.

This is the perfect snack for a cold and snowy winter’s day!

Here we go – another great treat to have with your afternoon coffee. You can see how full of raisins and nuts this is. It’s so good. Period. Got an extra can of tomato soup in the cupboard? Give this one a try. You’re going to love this spicy Tomato Soup Cake!


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Halloween Bundt Cake

Today’s post is for a Halloween Bundt Cake as I continue my quest to make a year of Bundt Cake using the same recipe and changing it up for each holiday. If you follow this blog with any regularity, you might have noticed that I’ve been MIA for the last 6 weeks. Well, I ended up in the ER one night at 2:00 am and after spending a week in the hospital with a bit of complication from pancreatitis and gall stones, had gall bladder removal surgery. Recovery has been long and tough (in my opinion), but I’m on the mend and hope to be back to posting with some regularity again soon. About a week ago I realized that Halloween was coming up and that I had to get a Bundt Cake done to continue the year. It was a challenge, to say the least. She wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but I did the best I could under the circumstances. This post will be a bit brief (because this is still exhausting to me right now), but I still think it’s a good idea.


I just love this recipe.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Halloween Bundt Cake

Mix all together:

4 eggs

1 cake mix (I used Devil’s Food for this one – it IS Halloween, after all!)

1 small box instant pudding (I used chocolate for this one)

3/4 cup water

1/2 cup oil (I used canola)

Put batter into well buttered bundt pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes.

Cool in pan 25 minutes.

Turn cake out onto rack to cool completely.

Vanilla Glaze:

2 cups powdered sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla

3 Tablespoons milk, or more to get the consistency you want

Spoon or pipe over top of cake.

Top with sprinkles or colored sugar before glaze dries.

I drizzled this cake with a Vanilla Glaze, and I colored half of it with green, the other half I left white. Full disclosure – I had to make the glaze thinner than I usually do because I was too weak to mix it when it was thicker. Ugh. This surgery has really put a damper on things for the holiday season. I sure hope I can get some stamina and strength back before long. Next, I put sprinkles on top, and that in itself was a beautiful cake. It would have been festive if I left it just like that.

What I had in mind was more like the malts or shakes that you see all over the internet now, where it’s totally loaded with all kinds of goodies. So I put treats on top. Lots of treats. I stuck toothpicks into the bottom of the candies and poked them right into the top of the cake. There were a few suckers that I stuck right in there.

There is a fine line between putting the treats on and putting TOO MANY treats on. Too many and they start to tip over – the cake is only so dense. It looks very festive and would be fun to do for a Halloween party, or to send to a college student, or just to celebrate the holiday. Have a Happy Halloween, everybody, and try this recipe for Halloween Bundt Cake – see how much fun you can have decorating it for Halloween and each and every special occasion!


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