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Bouquet of the Month for June

on June 2, 2014

It’s already time for the Bouquet of the Month for June. My goal is to try to use flowers I have around our yard and in our gardens for the Bouquet of the Month posts, but the problem is that the main flowers are all blooming right now. We had such a late spring that things are backed up a bit. We have a flowering crab tree blooming, lilacs blooming, and lily of the valley ready to bloom any minute. I’ll start with the first blooms – the flowering crab tree.

Our flowering crab tree was planted when our baby son died 28 years ago and it has grown like crazy! We started out planting it at my parent’s house since we were living in an apartment. When we bought our first home, my husband dug it up and moved it to our yard. He had to cut the tap-root and didn’t think it would survive. It has survived and THRIVED! 22 years later, it’s over 30 feet high and HUGE!

Not every year is a great one for the blossoms. Last year we had a late frost at just the wrong time. The blossoms were affected and most of them didn’t bloom. This was a banner year for the blossoms and the fragrance was almost overwhelming in its intensity. It’s just too bad that it doesn’t last very long. We enjoyed it for 3 days before the blossoms started “snowing” and falling off. Wind is the enemy of these blossoms and it did get windy and made a “blizzard” of petals floating throughout our yard. It’s magical when it happens the way it did this year.


This is a photo of the whole tree – or as much of it as I could get into one photo and still have the photo do it some justice.


It was just thick with blossoms.


They smelled heavenly.


I put this bouquet in a mason jar so it could go to work with my daughter.


She took it home later to share with her sister.


Every spring we wait to see how incredible the blooms will be this year.


We needed a little springtime magic after the winter we had.

This was indeed a banner year for the blossoms.

I hope you’ve enjoyed them.




3 responses to “Bouquet of the Month for June

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